What is resin art?

The trend to use resin in art comes from the USA, Canada and Australia. In Europe, the technology is still little known. With resin, you can create works of art that enchant with their clarity, luminosity, brilliance and depth. Color pigments or other additives are added to the resin.

Resin is technically short for epoxy resin which is a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener. By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place so that the liquid resin gradually hardens to a solid plastic.

Once the two components (or parts) combine the end result is a super durable high-gloss, clear surface. It has been used for many many years for things such as floors, tables, industrial purposes, boat building… and art.

It has been a huge trend recently and becoming more widely available… allowing us to use it for things such as jewelry, home decor, pictures or even sculptures!


Creating Names in resin is a very cute and fun idea. Contact me for any special request. 

Coasters are a great gift but make then unique or tailor them with a name or theme. Like the mermaid coasters I have on the products page. 


Resin is typically poured into a mold and hardens over night to reveal your gorgeous creation. Classes are available. Contact me for one on one sessions. 



A unique piece that is wonderful for an altar space. 

These can also be tailored to add specific crystals and colors.